The Crazy Crew

The Crazy Crew

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Welcome back old friend!

Tax day, the day the government sticks it to each of us in our own unique way! This is a wonderful day for this blog about how just this once due to some cunning “re-stikery” I was able to beat the system, not with the government but equally fulfilling, with the tech ninjas at work!

The loveliest thing happened on Monday. (Have I ever mentioned I am honestly fairly easy to please?) Patience and some stealthy maneuvers have brought back to me my original large monitor! Oh, how I missed it and wished every day that it would return. Last Friday afternoon was the day our team was to pack up all our things and move from desks on the 2nd floor to our new location on the 3rd and this time, of course the damn IT Special Forces unit decided our current monitors would move with us! This meant my small monitor that I hate, but after our time together I had learned to tolerate and even curse at less with each day would go to my new work home with me. DRATS!!!!

Side note . . . we seem to move a lot in my department, no one quite knows why but who am I to complain, here I get a box to move to a new location not for termination purposes. Besides this move came with a stellar view and the ability to watch planes come and go all day! Have I said lately how much I love and am thankful for my job, my boss, and really my whole department? Well if not I should have. There isn’t enough space in online blog land to accurately express how grateful I am. Gratitude of this level is a wonderful feeling!

Meanwhile back to my story . . . the last 4 days have been wonderful, even more so than usual. No more sitting 12 inches from the screen to read my emails, no more side scrolling to see all the columns of the forms I work with, and no more 1 o’clock headaches! Can you all say Woo-freakin-Hoo with me . . . say it really loud and with much joy and you will have a small idea of how thrilled I am. I am even now thinking I should name my monitor. Suggestions anyone? I am thinking that maybe you want to know how my large monitor ended up back on my desk when the small one was headed there per the tech ninja’s instructions . . . well I will tell you.

There is a team that sits next to our team. One member of that team was the possessor of my large monitor due to the previous move. This person didn’t even use the monitor as they used a laptop full time so could have cared less if there was even one on the desk. My monitor was obviously so sad without me and the love I would give it Monday –Friday each week, dusting it, making sure finger prints were removed and appreciating its largeness. It was time to rescue the poor darling. This team happened to be doing a team function all afternoon on Friday. Hmmmm . . . a fellow co-worker of mine who for the sake of privacy will be called Smart Lady said, “We should get your monitor back.”

Each of us was to put stickers on each of our pieces of equipment that would, over the weekend, route all our equipment to our new desks. Smart Lady said, “When that team leaves for the day we will put your sticker on your old monitor and that sticker on yours.” It was worth a try. The worst that would happen is that Monday morning small monitor would be sitting at my desk taunting me in a cruel way. But alas, not to worry, Monday was a beautiful day and when I arrived at 6 a.m. there it was . . . the most beautiful piece of office equipment ever . . . my large monitor.

Take that you rotten tech ninjas!! Round 2 goes to me . . . I have won, at least until the next move.

Dear large monitor,
Welcome back! You were missed.

Dear small monitor,
I hope you like your new desk . . . and stay there!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Resolutions . . . on Easter????

April 4, 2010
How are all of you doing on those New Year’s resolutions??? Me . . .well I am still in the starting phase on most of them and here we are at Easter!! I have 2 books partially read, have purchased more exercise items that haven’t been used, have thought many times about organizing things, and have watched too much TV. Wow, at this rate nothing would be done by Dec 31st this year.

This got me thinking, we all get caught up in the freshness of a new year. Somehow the number flip from one year to another makes us think of being better people and improving ourselves inside and out. Yet here we are at Easter and I am no softer on the inside or firmer on my outside!!! So much for the “listen more” and “eat less junk” I swore would be the new me and was exactly what I wanted to aspire to back on Jan 1st.

I now think that Easter may be the day to begin anew and make resolutions for the year. My theory is that Jesus rose from the ashes and I am fairly certain he would want us to do that as well . . . or at least try to drag ourselves out of whatever personal ashes our New Year’s resolutions crashed and burned in during the last 3 months. We should honor ourselves enough to rise up and out of the self doubt, unwarranted fear, and complacency and give to ourselves all those things, or at least a couple of them that we wanted so badly only three short months ago.

Maybe it is Spring more than any other time that screams NEWNESS and BETTER to us all. For me Spring certainly means change. We change wardrobe from bulky and overpowering to anything light and breezy. There is cleaning, organizing, purging, flowers bloom, trees bud, warmth returns to our day, and the days lengthen blessing us with more sunshine in our lives. Easter is the day in this wonderful season of renewal that symbolizes the extent of the possibility for newness and grants us all a huge opportunity . . . a New Year’s resolution DO OVER!

To everyone I say . . . Dig out that resolutions list, cross out where it says “New Year” before resolution and write in “New Me”. Start a new tradition with me. Pick yourself up, dust off those ashes and take full advantage of starting fresh today!

Maybe I will check back in on July 4th and let you know what I did when I decided to give myself a second chance at 2010’s resolutions! Here is to having some great things happen or I will have to come up with one hell of an “Independence from resolutions” talk to cover up!

Happy Easter everyone! Be thankful for what you have today and even more thankful for what you don’t! I know I am. I truly am blessed.