The Crazy Crew

The Crazy Crew

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sometimes they come home . . .

. . . and the return to the nest is bittersweet. Terribly sad that the dreams and hopes that were originally held have not come to pass . . . thrilling because a part of your heart returns to you even though you know it will not remain with you forever and you will feel the loss again in the future.

A year after dropping Alex off at college she decided the real world wasn’t as bright and friendly as expected. She decided to pursue new options and build a new path for herself back at home . . . another new home, in Arizona. So much big change for a new adult learning the way to fly on her own. I am proud she made the tough decision to change direction when something was not quite right in her life, so many people never learn that skill.

I always tried to make sure she knew that when you make a wrong turn or mistake in life, and everyone does, the best thing to do is reassess and find a new direction . . . a better direction. Heaven knows she has seen her mother make enough U-turns in life when it comes to relationships, education, jobs and any other subject. For so many of my moments blurred by some mini life crisis, mostly brought on by my bad choices, there was one thing that was a constant . . . for 18 years there was a bright spot even on my darkest days . . . that was Alex. She is a major reason that today I have the happiness in life that I do. Whether she ever knew it or not she was often the one reason to get out of bed and try again . . . find something better, be better.

Now that Alex has returned to my home and my heart is all plump and happy I am ready to help her to try again . . . my mother and father did it for me, so many times, and I will do it for her. I will bandage and help her strengthen her wings, encourage her to keep flapping no matter how harsh the weather is that blows her back, and I will be there every time squawking and flapping my own wings hoping the words I can share and the examples I set are helpful as she creates her own path across the sky.

Just in case any of you were wondering . . . I will tell you what I know from experience and what I have told my daughter often, Life allows do overs. Don't be afraid to use them. Some of the best things in my life happened on a do over!