The Crazy Crew

The Crazy Crew

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have not been blogtastic lately. I have been running in circles and really have had quite a few adventures that should have been documented. I have braved the DMV to license, title, and register our cars. I have received my new Arizona driver’s license and have completed what I hope are the last of my “movecations.” For those of you who are not sure what a movecation is, it is where you do a bunch of work like pack, hold garage sales, clean, load moving trucks and drive long distances in those moving trucks but when you mark down that time away from work you use your vacation hours.

I am here to tell you movecations are not relaxing. While they are nice for seeing friends in small doses regular old vacations are way better. In fact, I have decided when one must take a movecation it really should be immediately followed by an actual vacation, preferably on a cruise ship with someone giving you a massage and bringing you an umbrella drink.

This final movecation was to bring the rest of our stuff from Idaho to Arizona. I am now in a house consumed by boxes full of things I haven’t had for 6 months. This weekend will likely be like Christmas in April as I open all the boxes and reacquaint myself with all my clothes, shoes, purses and everything else that mysteriously was left behind in storage . . . funny since I remember marking all those boxes as “go to Phoenix”.

I suppose at this time I am completely official, I am an Arizonan or whatever they call us living here in the land of sun and heat. Lester has finished his first college class in his bachelor program, I have finished my first classes teaching as a college instructor and now we are waiting for our next adventures, new classes for both of us and a lot of unpacking. Hopefully I will be back on the blog soon updating you. If not send someone to find me it is likely I am trapped under a box of socks or t-shirts!