The Crazy Crew

The Crazy Crew

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What is new in my crazy life!

Today is my baby brother’s birthday! Happy Birthday Dustin! You are loved more than you can ever imagine! Someday when we are both rich and famous I hope we live next door to one another.

What a crazy life! What was the building of a fantastic life for Lester and I here in the land of the sun has become even bigger than we ever expected. As l continue to have demonstrated to me, life is what happens while you are busy making other plans! I like to plan things . . . just ask Lester. I plan vacations with reckless abandon! However, sometimes you just simply can’t plan . . . and that, while crazy is also incredibly amazing!

My happiness and joy keeps growing as I spend time remembering who and what I really set out to be and do with this one life I have. I have blogged in the past about my desire to give back and the happier I am the more I feel that pull. I am excited about so many thing currently in this crazy life of mine . . . I have spent the last several weeks in a Soul Restoration workshop presented by the founders of the Brave Girls Club. Women if you have not looked into this website do so now . . . run, don’t walk and sign up for the daily truths, read the blog, check out Melody Ross’s blog (one of the founders), see that you can have a better life even if your circumstances are not what you wish they would be. Sometimes change comes from the deepest part of your soul, one small glint of hope and joy that you forgot you even had.

Sometimes a trip to say Hello to a friend turns into an opportunity you never expected. This is what happened just over a week ago when a fantastic lady that I worked with in Idaho came to Arizona for an event with the company she recently became the National Sales Director for, Jewel Kade. How I found out she was coming to the valley was a product of fate, luck, whatever you want to call it. I was already a huge fan of this woman, trusted her business instinct, and knew anything she was a part of was going to be amazing. I am a busy woman. I work a full time day job, I teach college classes, I volunteer and I like to spend time with my husband, daughter, and friends and puppies. I really was not looking for another activity or adventure to add to my list, but one look at the products of Jewel Kade and I was hooked. Anyone who knows me knows that I love reading, I love poetry, I love sayings . . . I love words. This jewelry had hand painted words . . .words that spoke to me. The company’s charms were little works of art, paintings set in pewter with words that were inspirational and made the jewelry even more beautiful to me. I was there for my friend’s opportunity meeting about Jewel Kade, just waiting for her to finish up so we could have a chat but again, life did its thing. I had been learning in my soul restoration to listen to my little voices, take chances, and be open to the opportunities that show up unexpectedly in life. I felt it . . . this was one of those times. After a quick call to my business partner in life (aka, Lester) I signed up to be a part of Jewel Kade. Currently there are less than 1000 Jewel Kade Stylists nationwide with less than 20 in the entire state of Arizona. Now that is an opportunity! I am excited to share the products and the opportunity with others. Both are amazing and you can check it all out on my website . The website allows for orders if you find yourself loving it every bit as much as I did and I am happy to answer questions about anything.

In addition to the fantastic amount of joy, I have above, Lester and I have an ever-growing household. First, we welcomed Alex back (see blog post “Sometimes they come back”) welcomed a new fur baby (see blog post “Miracles happen . . . anyway”) and most recently welcomed a friend from Idaho looking to start over and create a better life like we did back in the fall of 2009. Our house can be hectic . . . and loud at times but you know what? It is crazy, which fits me just perfectly . . . I do nothing that isn’t just slightly off kilter it seems . . . make life interesting, worth living and it is what makes me . . . me.